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wounded wallaby...

benjamin895 on 16. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

wounded wallaby...
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    well, it's a sad day... that quade 'kiwi' cooper surely has no idea which team he represents!!!

    he should be drop- kicked in the arse immediately then left behind in NZ... where he belongs!!!

    on the plus side and more importantly, the kangeroos got up over the kiwis in the one off test match in newcastle to salvage some aussie pride:)

    oh, forgot.. cheers to maoriman for his image:)

    This strip is a reply to wallabies in 2011..., here kitty, kitty...



    haha france... you're next!

    black machine

    *YAWN!* ...err, hey, what happened guys??

    australia, loss, world, cup, kiwi
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