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Makes Me Think

wuezili on 15. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

Makes Me Think
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    You are not my father!



    The rooftops of Makes Me City. This is no place for an amateur, it gives no quarter, takes no prisoners.

    This is a world that devours the weak, that eats it own young.

    or for

    There's no room for doubt...

    or do-nothings.

    Why can't you just take off from the frickin' ground?!

    I think the wind is dying down. Let's wait just one more hour.

    comedy, comic, superhero
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  • cirkuz 17.10.2011
    theres one thing about being a crime fighter...ok two wait three that i think of it four things...of course thats not if you dont count the fifth thing...which in course followed by the sixth thing...not to mention that seventh thing...

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