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why did the chicken cross the road? ... part 4

benjamin895 on 13. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

why did the chicken cross the road? ... part 4
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    haha i've wanted to do another one of these for a while...

    got enoguh material for another too hehe

    i hope you guys enjoyed:)

    This strip is a reply to why did the chicken cross the road?, here kitty, kitty...



    why did the chicken cross the road...

    dr seuss

    the mafia

    did the chicken cross the road? did he cross it with a toad? yes, the chicken crossed the road, but why, i've not been told..

    hey! you didn't see any chickens crossing any roads, do you understand!?

    johnny knoxville

    haha man, because i shoved 3 ariel shells up his backside man, 2 bottle rockets, 1 roman candle, a catherine wheel and, this is the real kicker... 8 cherry bombs!! hahaha he'll be doing more than just crossing roads when he gets to the other side!

    john edward

    wow, yes, i'm feeling something. yes, i see, wow, a chicken. does this sound familiar to you? yes, now i see, yes, it's moving, moving forward. it's a bout to cross something. it's, oh my god! it's, crossing over!... is any of this making any sense to you?

    agent mulder

    oh come on! you saw the chicken cross the road with your own eyes! how many more chickens have to cross the road before you will believe it??

    saddam hussain

    it is unacceptable! any act of rebellion, progress or crossing of roads without my permission is punishable by nerve gas! ...justifiably of course...

    grandpa simpson

    in my day, we didnt ask why the chicken crossed the road. if someone told us a chicken crossed the road, that was good enough for us!

    homer simpson

    gulp.. BURP!... err what chicken?

    bart simpson

    well, this one time, i was in my front yard when johnny knoxville walked past my house, i said 'yo johnny'!...


    hey, i like this chicken... i'm gonna build him a giant chicken coop. a cool one with hookers and gambling!.. ah, forget the chicken coop!

    al bundy

    what.. there's a chicken on the loose? PEGGY! fire up the barbeque baby, we're eating chicken for dinner!

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