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Makes Me Think

wuezili on 13. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

Makes Me Think
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    CAUTION: Don't piss off Makes Me Think, because Makes Me Think will find you, no matter how long it takes, it will find you...



    So, you need to find a way to watch out for Thingus, who has inexplicably developed super powers?

    It's dumb, I know, but really dumb sh*t happens around here, a lot..

    Well, I believe your biggest problem is that you're a cat. Cats are too small and weak to do anything useful. That's why farmers, policemen, hunters, FBI, etc., all have dogs.

    I see.

    Aaaaah! I'm tainted! Ruined! Don't leave me this way! Help me, please!

    I'm gonna go find you a dog whistle.

    comedy, comic, superhero, cape, animals, satire, stupid, think
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  • wuezili 13.10.2011
    I took about 4 years off, then came back.
  • cirkuz 13.10.2011
    well done looked through your strips your an oldie here aint cha...

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