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Patient Zero

terwallace on 12. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

Patient Zero
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    Something tells me she didn't come back just to teach the kids...

    Operation Z. For Zombie.

    Hey, it's October and we haven't killed zombies in a while! Plus, this time it's all Scott Marm's doing. And the bad news is, it's all going according to plan...

    But more on that later.




    Now remember kids, I'll be back in 5 minutes, ok? Be good until then.


    Elapsed time: 5 minutes, 1 second.

    We are in sooo much trouble.

    Worth it!

    Ooooh...*cough, cough!*

    How do you feel, Mrs Bilmore?


    Well, just lie down here for a moment, and I'll check your vitals, ok?


    Oh my, this is not good! Not good at all!

    I need to get the Prinicpal in here immediately!

    ...And that's why I think this is serious.

    *cough! cough cough Hack gasp croak!*

    Wait, what's happening to her?!

    Oh...oh my God. She's dead!

    I don't know what to do! This is way over my head!

    Just put a sheet over her for now. That's...what they do in the movies I guess.

    We'll leave her here for now. I'll have to contact the police and the EMT's.

    We won't announce anything until we know more. The kids will be scared enough as it is.


    If she had something contagious, we may have to lock down the school!

    I'm thinking it's rather worse than that.

    Also? Run for your life.

    Felicia, Operation Z.
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  • Horatius 13.10.2011
    See, I lobbied to have ZKGs installed in all schools, but the fools wouldn't listen!
  • 35sheep 13.10.2011
    PS: Braaaaaains ...
  • 35sheep 13.10.2011
    Did you just give that nurse a face lift?
  • Maoriman 12.10.2011
    And yet the nurse keeps on smiling - what a trooper^^ Now see if you can keep the smile as you RUN LIKE HELL!
  • cirkuz 12.10.2011
    you know just because they(zombies) eat our flesh and brains i dont think we really get to know them as...what the hell am i saying! RUN LIKE HELL!
  • Flamingdeath 12.10.2011
    I KNEW IT(sorta)!!!!! Felicia battle zombie time NAOW!!!!
  • TheCreator14 12.10.2011
    haha Nice :D

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