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Sorry girls, Raul got married!

EdWilder on 10. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

Sorry girls, Raul got married!
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    Will it spell an upset for the mocktops?



    They say it's my birthday,

    I'm glad it's me birthday...

    Happy birthday to me...


    Sod it, Juan...
    I said I'm sorry, I forgot it was your birthday. We'll do something next year!

    I now pronounce you...

    Man and wife.

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  • Quag54 11.10.2011
    Again ?!
  • 35sheep 11.10.2011
    That's where it all went wrong ...
  • cirkuz 10.10.2011
    i thought that comes when juan hooks up with oko namo?
  • opeluna1 10.10.2011
    congratz to the newlyweds!

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