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Makes Me Think

wuezili on 5. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

Makes Me Think
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    Beware, citizens! You could be next.



    You know, Archie, ever since we met Defeatist Dog, I've been feeling a change coming over me.

    It's about time you hit puberty.

    It's more of a change of outlook. I wanna do something with my life. Help people.

    As long as you don't have to go places and do things, you mean.

    There's this inner turmoil growing inside me, and I need to answer its call.

    Could be a malignant tumor. I sure hope it is.

    Wait! Wait! Something's happening! I'm changing! Transmogrifying into something greater than myself!

    A pack of matches? A mannequin without a head? There's a lot of things greater than you are.

    The Great Cape!

    You're supposed to hide your face. I know I'm going to start doing it.

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