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Makes Me Think

wuezili on 29. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

Makes Me Think
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    My art touches many people, I know because I touch myself.



    You're a what? A defeated dog?

    Defeatist Dog. A superhero, pretty much. I'm here to stop you from murdering Thingus.

    Oh? How are you gonna do that?

    I was hoping we could talk it out, listen to each other's point of view and discuss them, then abide by the logic of the most sensible argument, and let that decide the outcome of our conflict.

    But...but I have to murder SOMEBODY, I walked all the way across the street.

    Darn, you're good at this.

    humor, comedy, fun, satire, humour, comic, joke, lol, superhero, animals
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