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rukowski on 29. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

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  • Varg 4.10.2011
    Thanks for a GREAT contest!! I´m happy with runner up!! :D
  • asfaltocaldo 4.10.2011
    so glad for ope, congs! and thanks ruko&zuber for competition, participating to it was funny and interesting!
  • rukowski 3.10.2011

    Zuber & Myself are pleased to announce opeluna1 is the Burnout Champion

    Runners up are qenene, Varg and Azzie13

    We would like to thank everyone who entered
  • 35sheep 3.10.2011
    I'm in ...
  • rukowski 3.10.2011
    One Hour to get the winner in ;)
  • rukowski 2.10.2011
    24 Hours to go on this competition the response has been very good so far
    Their is still time to submit the winner
  • asfaltocaldo 1.10.2011
    interesting idea! might attach my Scottish sketches' army attempt, which sort of turned off/on/off/on my PC connection to SG page for about half an hour... but it's probably best to try a new one... let's see...
  • benjamin895 1.10.2011
    cool... mine is in:)
  • opeluna1 30.9.2011
  • Tproductions 30.9.2011
    I will make my right now ;D
  • rukowski 30.9.2011
    @cirkuz I know ;)
  • cirkuz 30.9.2011
    mines in!
  • markmahem 30.9.2011
    Thisll be interesting...
  • cirkuz 29.9.2011
    great idea! i'm glad i thought of it! HAW HAW HAW!-j/k- great idea!
  • Ambrosius77 29.9.2011
    Hahaha Zoltar almost killed the engine :D
  • Quag54 29.9.2011
    I haven't figured out stalks & bribes yet never mind burning the engine !
  • Zoltar 29.9.2011
    WHY?????????????? :S
  • Maoriman 29.9.2011
    That is a good idea for a competition...
  • Varg 29.9.2011
    Ohh... NICE competition!! I´m good at that!
  • Ambrosius77 29.9.2011
    good idea.

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