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Tutorial: Tips & Tricks

OccamsRayzor on 27. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

Tutorial: Tips & Tricks
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    A few tips and tricks for those that don't know. Share the love, boys and girls :D

    This strip is a reply to Rotation - tutorial, "SHIFT-TRICK" Tutorial, SG for DUMMIES Contest!, Only Zuber is mathematically perfect.



    g will group a selection
    u will ungroup a selection
    m will mask an object
    i will invert the colour of a selection
    d will duplicate a selection
    z will undo an action (up to nine steps)
    y will redo and action (up to nine steps)

    Clicking on an object while holding down the Ctrl key will create a duplicate on top of the first one.

    Clicking on successive objects while holding down the Shift key, will select them as a group.

    When working zoomed in, hold the Space bar while dragging with the left mouse button to pan around your image

    Use Keyboard Shortcuts

    You can use the grey space around the picture area as a workspace - to place objects temporarily.

    Drag a saved collection from your library onto the grey area, where you can un-group them and choose the one you want, without risking the work already done on your picture.

    You can also duplicate them and hold them here until you are ready to use them.

    Hold the Shift key while resizing to keep the object from changing shape

    Hold the Alt key while resizing to resize in one direction only.

    Holding the the Shift key down while rotating an object,
    will move it in regular increments (22.5 degrees)

    Holding the the Alt key down while rotating an object,
    will rotate it about the opposite corner. Holding down Shift + Alt will move it in regular increments (22.5 degrees) about the opposite corner

    Hold the Shift + Alt keys while resizing to grow/shrink the object from the centre point

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  • thecomedyhen 10.11.2013
    Again i liked without a comment. Also very useful this
  • abrotons 23.9.2013
    i'm gonna save this one

    I didn't know!!

    (well, only the shift and the use of the grey area

    even though using the grey area has sometimes crashed une of te library objects, making it impossible to delete it or to publish the strip.
  • Magique 3.3.2012
    Thx ...

    Great tuto :O
  • vogelbekdier 3.3.2012
    Usefull info!
  • Kio 3.3.2012
    Wow! Lots of information; which is useful! :) and I see you also have discovered the "Shift-Trick" (;
    - Faved for sure!
    PS: You published this on my birthday ^^ Just noticed.. :p

    edited by owner

  • Fizzle 15.1.2012
  • gregheffleydude1 15.11.2011
    Really Good! I like it!
  • timbrown6235 28.10.2011
    Good stuff to know, fav'd.
  • EdWilder 2.10.2011
    I'm new to all of this...thanks for the great tips!
  • Ambrosius77 29.9.2011
    Fantastic tutorial. Favd
  • Zuber 29.9.2011
    very insightful and thanks for sharing
  • cirkuz 28.9.2011
    good to see you made a booklet!
  • sulegnA 28.9.2011
    thanks for it
  • asfaltocaldo 27.9.2011
    Thank you Occam, your tutos are so useful!
  • dibunt 27.9.2011
    Very good tricks! ^^
  • NathanTo 27.9.2011
  • Azzie13 27.9.2011
    nice doen
  • opeluna1 27.9.2011
  • benjamin895 27.9.2011
    haha and give away all my secrets!!:P
  • Maoriman 27.9.2011
    I'd share the love if I had it to share, but I do mostly everything the old fashioned hard way^^

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