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Stripbusters: The Heavenly Dojo

Ambrosius77 on 26. Sep, 2011 — Lang: No text

Stripbusters: The Heavenly Dojo
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  • Robukka 2.1.2018
    Another good one:)
  • Elgar 24.2.2015
    You are right! :D
  • Detective 8.12.2013
  • comicmaker2207 11.6.2013
  • MrTerrorKiller 21.5.2013
    that is awesome
  • leao90 22.3.2013
  • thecomedyhen 26.9.2012
    dude thats amazing
  • paco_de_pinda 30.8.2012
    Woah! AMAZING! I don't have words for it! It's such a masterpiece!! I can't let it to say: FFFFFFFAAAAAAAVVVVEEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SnakePlissken 5.7.2012
    Very nice. You should try some Star Wars.
  • pevidal 20.6.2012
    No comments...
    Simply fantastic!
  • abrotons 7.6.2012
    but it's not so easy, it seems
  • abrotons 7.6.2012
    thank you
    for the class
  • Dens11 7.6.2012
    That will take a long time for me to get............
  • Ambrosius77 7.6.2012
  • Dens11 7.6.2012
    How many likes for an OMG?

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  • Ambrosius77 7.6.2012
    X-mas is the best pick because of the colors. You have to be good with masking though using them :D

    The snowy background is a way underrated piece, I just showed that it can be used creatively.

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  • Dens11 7.6.2012
    Now i want a theme pack!
  • Ambrosius77 7.6.2012
    @Dens just read the description, very easy indeed with the Xmas theme pack.

    "Another cloud experiment.

    It was made with the Xmas pack last shape (Snowy Background) masked with a circle and put some of them together."

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  • Dens11 7.6.2012
    That is just blowing my mind!
    How can you make that!!!
  • syke 25.5.2012
    can't be.

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