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Moon contest results

NathanTo on 23. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

Moon contest results
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    Congratulations to Ambrosius77! Well done to all of you!



    Before 1st January 2010

    Can you see it now?- Horatius

    Winner of group: Can you see it now?- Horatius

    1st January 2010-1st January 2011

    Many many moons- Qenene
    Kralic a Bulva Kralic a Mesaic- DespresiveNeko
    Cat Witch- Kio
    Halo- Varg
    The moon- Tproductions
    Cosmo- Stiltsen

    Winner of group: Many many moons- Qenene

    Most realistic

    Halo- Varg
    The Moon- Tproductions
    December 24,1968- OccamsRayzor
    Moonlight- Varg
    Shine on you crazy diamond- Opeluna1
    G.R.I.N.D- Kio
    Feathers- Moariman
    City by night..- Tproductions
    Day sky moon- Cirkuz
    South Pacific- 35sheep
    Bad moon rising- Benjamin895

    Group winner: South Pacific- 35sheep


    Cat witch- Kio
    Cosmo- Stiltsen
    Night & Day- BaalMoloch
    Deaths moon- Kio
    Comic inc. Prologue P3: This_guy
    Cet inaccessible reve- BaalMoloch
    Earth from moon contest entry- Junky123
    Apollo 18 Cover- Junky123
    Moon- Ninjastrip
    Attack of the killer bunnies Pg.14- JellyBelly
    Bronze pop star- Ninjastrip
    Voyage dans la lune- Qenene
    The moon's regret- Dodgeviper
    The gender of the moon- Qenene
    Man in the moon- Junky123
    Moon contest submition- Nikeair
    The moon and her friend- Azzie13
    Guess the movie- Dibunt
    To the moon- Asfaltocaldo
    In a pale moon's shadow- SulegnA
    SausageEvolution:Zoltar's home- This_guy

    Group winner: In the moon's shadow- SulegnA


    Many many moons- Qenene
    The moon- Tproductions
    Cosmo- Stiltsen
    Glory swan- Kio
    Moon- BaalMoloch
    Lonely, anonymous remake- Kio
    December 24,1968- OccamsRayzor
    Boabab- Opeluna1
    Quiet night- Opeluna1
    Feathers- Moariman
    City by night- Tproductions
    Day sky moon- Cirkuz
    Nebula moon- Craddockabilly
    Bad moon rising- Benjamin895
    Mecha angel of Alpha and Omega- Ambrosius77

    Group winner:Quiet night- Opeluna1

    Well done to everyone!

    3rd place:Shine on you crazy diamond-Opeluna1

    2nd place: Moonlight- Varg

    Overall winner: Mecha angel of Alpha and Omega- Ambrosius77

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  • asfaltocaldo 17.10.2011
    I'm late but join all to congratulate with Ambro, Varg and ope for their beautiful strips and Nathan for the nice contest!
    I had much fun participating! See you at the next one!
  • Tproductions 25.9.2011
    Coanga to all :D
  • Varg 24.9.2011
    Great contest!! Thank you for the second place and gratz to Ambro as well as the group winners!!
  • NathanTo 24.9.2011
    @Junky- Maybe.
  • Nikeair 24.9.2011
    Good job Ambrosius!
  • Zuber 23.9.2011
    good bunch of entries
  • gregheffleydude1 23.9.2011
    Grats to everyone!!!!
  • NathanTo 23.9.2011
    @SulegnA- It's a great strip!

    edited by owner

  • sulegnA 23.9.2011
    yahooooooooooooo, I won at last!!!! of course I only won in 1 category, but I did it, @nathanto, i'm glad you enjoy mi strip :D
  • qenene 23.9.2011
    Whatta lotta participants!!!
  • kennyreid 23.9.2011
    dang i shoulda linked my alien strip to this contest. welldone all
  • opeluna1 23.9.2011
    first time I won in a category!
    and third runner up
    what an honour
    congratz to Ambro ;)
  • trashcan 23.9.2011

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