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Pot of Gold

Maoriman on 22. Sep, 2011 — Lang: No text

Pot of Gold
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  • deadlierlizard 1.2.2012
  • Heretic 1.2.2012
  • MissFrankenstein 12.1.2012
    Great picture!
  • Brezhoneg 21.10.2011
  • terwallace 29.9.2011
    Dude, that is EXCELLENT work on the man in the middle. Really digging the way the robe came out.
  • dibunt 25.9.2011
    Haha, great! Congrats!!
  • Tproductions 25.9.2011
    Great work mm :D
  • OccamsRayzor 24.9.2011
    Great stuff MM. Hey, speaking of Murray Ball, did you ever see his comic before Footrot Flats? It was called "The Kids" and the main character was like a 12 year old Wal. I remember seeing Herbs in concert back in the '80s. Ah, nostalgia
  • dodgeviper 23.9.2011
    Greatttt!! love it
  • markmahem 23.9.2011
  • kennyreid 23.9.2011
    Gratz dude all hail you sir..... But you are NEXT!!!!
  • sulegnA 23.9.2011
    wow! looks great!!!
  • Zoltar 23.9.2011
    CONGA !!!!
  • Maoriman 23.9.2011
    @wich you're another one that I can't understand why you are not a god yet^^
  • wich 23.9.2011
    I wish, if I will GOD, you'll use my head for another thing :D
    Gratz ...
  • benjamin895 23.9.2011
    haha yeah i remember horse... i will google some pics;)
  • opeluna1 23.9.2011
    my friend, and yeah, pay attention to ruko's links, always great!
  • Maoriman 23.9.2011
    I was a big fan of 'Horse'... Benny you gotta do that damn cat m8...
  • benjamin895 23.9.2011
    hell yeah... murray ball was a dead set genius:) he inspired my interest in drawing many years ago...

    always loved dog:)
  • Maoriman 23.9.2011
    @Benny may have to bring some footrot flats gags to S.G mate^^

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