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Star Trek: TNG strip

begbie on 14. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

Star Trek: TNG strip
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    If you look closely at the show, you will notice that Worf is always wrong and Troi tells the obvious things..



    Captain, I detect hostile vessel at 10 o clock..

    Lieutenant Worf any ideas?

    Ummm wait wait i know; RED ALERT!

    Nop make it Yellow Alert! Worf your decision making do we respond?

    Hmmm I knew this.. ALL ENERGY TO SHIELDS!

    Captain! they are firing on us

    BIIIP Wrong answer..again. Charge Photon torpedo and fire at will. Sitll sucking Worf.

    The vessel is charging weapons!

    Somebody do something we are taking a serious beating

    i cant see shit captain!

    Counselor Troi anything??

    I fell tension..


    Star Trek, Picard, Enterprise
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