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wierd conntest!!

jaketaylor on 13. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

wierd conntest!!
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    -has to be clean NO nudity
    -no swaers but you can say frick and crap
    -no coping peoples ideas if you do you get disc wolifide
    -it has to be wierd
    -you are only aloud to enter 2 strips

    If you want to enter add you strip click [add strip reply] and add your strip
    thank you

    Hellow every body I'm hosting a S.G. wierd conntest the dead line is Sep. 16! so you have 3 days.

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  • OccamsRayzor 14.9.2011
    I think the spelling errors in this just gave me a small embolism. Well, I certainly have some weird (see spelling?) strips to hand, so here goes.
  • Maoriman 14.9.2011
    A weird one hmmmmmm may have to dive through my archives for this one...
  • benjamin895 14.9.2011
    this is weird:P

  • Azzie13 14.9.2011
    Chips if Zoltar joins than is the winner already known :)
    I will see
  • THEGREATDOGOO7 14.9.2011
    k man weird is cool too
  • This_guy 14.9.2011
    Shut it junky. His tie is fine... LOL! Is't zoltar weird enough? He's our obvious winner...
  • Zoltar 14.9.2011
    NO SWEAR??? FUCK.......

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