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bolla21 on 13. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

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    see you soon :')



    This is the last strip for a period...

    I need to get away for a bit from stripgenerator to dedicate myself to my real life.
    I cannot ignore my problems doing strips..

    Keep going on and good luck!

    Bye, Bolla21

    Thanks my friends... you help me so much...

    bolla, bolla21, bye, go, away
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  • 35sheep 14.9.2011
    Cya Bolla, and good luck. Sounds like a good choice. Ignoring problems very seldom solves them ...
  • Maoriman 14.9.2011
    See you soon dude...
  • This_guy 14.9.2011
    Cya soon?
  • Zoltar 14.9.2011
    What problems do you have in real life?? :(
  • sulegnA 13.9.2011
    take care!!!
    we want you back with a better life-view
  • dickster 13.9.2011
    you can do it! come back soon! :)
  • dibunt 13.9.2011
    Bye... ·(
  • Azzie13 13.9.2011
    good luck to you and let ous know when you are feeling better
  • NathanTo 13.9.2011
    OK! When will you be back?
  • mau 13.9.2011
    you cannot ignore them, but you can put them into perspective.

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