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Dead Rabbits - Meet Satan

Craddockabilly on 11. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

Dead Rabbits - Meet Satan
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    I seek the portal to the world of the living

    DAMNED SOUL!! YOU ARE HERE FOREVe... what the hell is humping my leg?

    His brains were scrambled..

    Brains?.. as in plural?. .um ..what?

    Nevermind.. so about that thing?..

    Oh..uh..Why do you want to go back there?..

    I thought I might "Rope" some old associates in.. Maybe they might "Check Out" the place.. Maybe they might invest in a "Time-Share".. you know..take a "Stab" at it..

    You really like puns don't you?..

    This bit kills at parties..

    So you want to be a harvester? I can show the way but be warned I have protocals in place to thwart any escape..

    His brains were scrambled..

    So what in gods name happened to you up there?

    Laboratory animals.. horrible experiments.. hellbent on revenge.. He got the worst of it though.. This way?..

    Yeh..that way


    I'M A MONSTER!!!

    Dead, Rabbits, Bunnies, Satan, Hell, Poop
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