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Work Sucks

mdaukulis on 5. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

Work Sucks
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    Hey, Mike! How you doin'?


    Listen: We have a problem. Both Brittany and Sasha quit on us at the same time.

    Ok, but I don't see how...

    So this next week *cough* month *cough*
    we're going to have to give you more hours (and their responisbilities) to make up for their absence.

    You know this is my first week back to school, and that my hours have changed, and I need my time off to study for class...right?

    Umm....y-yes, of course! These changes shouldn't interfere with your school at all.

    You haven't even bothered to look at my school schedule, have you?

    Also, the new person we hired just quit, too. So we need you to pick up their hours as well.

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