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Friday, 4pm

OccamsRayzor on 5. Sep, 2011 — Lang: English

Friday, 4pm
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    Well, you really screwed up!

    Ever since you messed with my computer, I can't do a damn thing.
    I have important deadlines to meet and I can't work because of your incompetence.
    You need to fix this NOW!

    Really? And exactly how did my incompetence manifest itself?

    Everything looks different and I can't get any of my important files, since you fiddled around with it!

    Let me stop you right there. I didn't "fiddle around with it", I made some emergency repairs after dropping all my other work when you started to panic about your PC being frozen.

    You were too busy having a two hour coffee break for me to tell you what the problem was, so I'll tell you now...

    ...After removing the twenty seven toolbars from Internet Explorer, all of them spyware, I set about removing the one hundred and twenty eight separate trojans, three keyloggers, two rootkits and fifty four bits of adware, including Bonzibuddy. I then re-installed the anti-virus client that you had removed and deleted 4.6 Gigabytes of porn from your local drive. I also deleted all of your many shortcuts to sites of a questionable nature, including (but not limited to) midget porn, pirated software and a Japanese site I don't even want to think about.

    The one thing I didn't find on your computer was any obvious work files. I did see a shortcut to 'Dropbox'. I hope you don't use that instead of the secure company network drives.

    There's nothing wrong with Dropbox - it's passworded but you went and deleted my password toolbar and I can't remember it!

    Oh dear! Have you heard the phrase "All care, no responsibility"?


    Well, I don't care either.

    work, idiot, My life
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  • OccamsRayzor 6.11.2013
    @Scales - that's a typical scenario when you help friends and family. As soon as you touch the thing, any further problem becomes your fault and your responsibility.
  • Scales 6.11.2013
    My sister in law had a computer that needed a lot of crap taken off, it was running very slowly, so I ran an optimizer and changed some of her settings. I ran a good defrag program and when I got done, it was running about four times as fast. Three months later her hard drive froze, she swore it was because I had cleaned all the crap off of her computer.
  • Pensco2703 6.11.2013
  • Fizzle 15.1.2012
    Good one. :P
  • gregheffleydude1 15.11.2011
    Very cool cool.
  • THEGREATDOGOO7 13.9.2011
  • SnakeYukin 5.9.2011
    Go not caring.
  • NathanTo 5.9.2011
  • dadebomb123 5.9.2011
  • 35sheep 5.9.2011
  • This_guy 5.9.2011
    Is this a true story?
  • benjamin895 5.9.2011
    haha and this is why i will never work in an office again:P
  • cackle 5.9.2011
    crazy characters so funny!;)
  • Ambrosius77 5.9.2011
  • Maoriman 5.9.2011
    Hahahahahaha 'NUMBNUTS' I haven't heard that in ages! Gotta try and get that into a strip^^
  • qenene 5.9.2011
    BTW: This kind of people exploit the situation even to accuse you of the dent of his car...
  • qenene 5.9.2011
    Hahaha. "4.6 Gb of porn... and I didn't find work files".
  • ourWorld_Online 5.9.2011
    I never did get why IE seems to accumulate toolbars. That is one reason why I like Chrome. No toolbar shit.
  • calm 5.9.2011
    Great characters, OR!
    Awesome scenario too! :-)
  • opeluna1 5.9.2011
    oh my...I can relate to that...

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