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BLOB: In the Case of the Burgernapp!!!

pandagurl246 on 31. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

BLOB: In the Case of the Burgernapp!!!
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    Blob's most prized possetion, his burger, has been stolen!!! Will Blob be able to recover it from his arch nemisis, the floating eyeball??? Read to find out!!!



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    BLOB: in the Case of the Burgernapp

    No, Josh! You said you loved Mary!! Nooo!!

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    Agent Blob here.

    It's your arch nemis, Eyeball. I have your burgur. If you want it. COME GET IT!

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    At Eyeball's Hideout...

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    Ok Eyeball, where the burgur??? And dont think about lying!!

    It's in a cage behind me. Did I mention the cage is ELECTRIC!!!

    Did I mention i am made of RUBBER!!! Hahaha. I also have SUPER STRENGTH!!! MWAHAHAHA


    I got the bugur, Eyeball. You have failed. AGIAN!!!

    I will get you next time, Blob. And your bugur, too!!!

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    The End!!
    By: Mackenzie Rose

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