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Shortage, Part 1

terwallace on 25. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

Shortage, Part 1
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    Yesterday, Bluesockmonkey's Inside SG mentioned a crippling Cream Pie Shortage.

    I do believe, we can do something about that!

    Also, played around with a bunch of different things artwise in today's strip. Hopefully, they worked out!

    This strip is a reply to Inside SG! August 2011, Shortage, Part 2



    A city is gripped in fear...

    It cries out for justice....

    ...Justice and Comedy.

    Mostly Comedy, with a side of Justice.

    Seriously, we're talking maybe a sprig or a smidge of justice at best.

    It is city gripped by a desperate shortage...


    A call goes out for a hero...


    Signing off, I'm an out of work super-hero, and that's the news for today!

    As both cream pies and even their ingredients begin to vanish, we wonder, who will help us?

    ...And as yet there is no end in sight of this crippling shortage.

    Wait, a shortage of cream pies?


    Not on my watch.



    We're needed.

    And so at dawn, our hero sets forth. Evil doers beware, Justice is coming!

    Well, some Justice. But mostly Comedy.

    Wait, why are walking off into the sunrise?

    I don't know, I was following you.

    Dammit Zombie, I'm an Oven, not a GPS.

    You can't see a thing with those glasses on can you?

    Not as such, no.

    Zombie, Oven, Cooking With Zombie, Pieocalypse
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