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cirkuz on 23. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

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  • pausakaffee 26.8.2011
    just leave me alone
  • cackle 25.8.2011
    sure you cant read with this hair!hehehe
  • Streetin 25.8.2011
    Crazy hair. :D
  • JellyBelly 25.8.2011
    He got Burned literally!
  • bluesockmonkey 24.8.2011
  • Azzie13 24.8.2011
    nice one
  • NathanTo 24.8.2011
  • Flamingdeath 24.8.2011
  • cirkuz 24.8.2011
    as much as i like yankin you chain ol snort leave some room for people that have nice sensible comments or out you goes!
  • Zoltar 24.8.2011
    AHAhAha like I said, we can go on and on and on .....
  • cirkuz 24.8.2011
    no no you the one! HAW HAW HAW!
  • cirkuz 24.8.2011
    @ horatious a matter of fact its been a year since you've even left a comment here...if you 2 keep it up i'll just delete yo butts!

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  • Zoltar 24.8.2011
    @Cirkuz aaaahh what a low blow !!!!
    Andraz cirkuz started this !!!!! :B
  • Horatius 24.8.2011
    cirkuz: do you ever read "Chick Tracts"? HAW HAW HAW!
  • Zoltar 24.8.2011
    @Horatius and I knew that, I wanted to be more sarcastic ! :P
  • cirkuz 24.8.2011
    ANDRAZ zoltar cuasing trouble again! HAW HAW HAW!
  • Horatius 24.8.2011
    And I was being sarcastic! I've been doing it for ... well,....more than one year!
  • Zoltar 24.8.2011
    @Horatius me and cirkuz are JOKING ! We are doing this for ONE year !
  • Horatius 24.8.2011
    So nice to see peace in our time....

    P.S. Nice hairdo, flamey!
  • Zoltar 24.8.2011
    we are talking about me, NOT about you! HAW ! HAW! HAW ! :P

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