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1000, bribed & featured

BaalMoloch on 22. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

1000, bribed & featured
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  • asfaltocaldo 21.1.2013
    a late conga for everything, great achievement!
    can't understand this flagging if not due to sheer envy...
  • hellopeople82 26.2.2012
    Why was dis flagged?
  • gregheffleydude1 4.9.2011
  • Brezhoneg 30.8.2011
    Excellent ^^
  • dadebomb123 23.8.2011
  • benjamin895 23.8.2011
    hehe very funny... gratz again!:)
  • JellyBelly 23.8.2011
  • ourWorld_Online 23.8.2011
    very cool strip.
  • bobette37 22.8.2011
    gorgeous curtains!
  • 35sheep 22.8.2011
    Grats again! :-)
  • origamiman 22.8.2011
    Fair enough.
  • BaalMoloch 22.8.2011
    I insist: no need to return to this subject.
    Everyone has already given his opinion, and nobody will change his mind.
  • origamiman 22.8.2011
    Horatius I disagree. Read Igor booklets. It's a copy of Zoltar style. I can see you are in Baalmoloch friends list, so am I, but must speak the truth, do not defend him just because he is your friend.
  • Horatius 22.8.2011
    He's getting votes because he hasn't "copied someone's style". His humour is distinctly different than that other fellow's. The only common element is just that - A COMMON ELEMENT. One that any user may use, at any time, for any reason they choose.

    Anyone who say differently, show us any two strips that you think have a common style beyond that element.

    And besides that, the comic that got bribed as his 1000th didn't even do that much!
  • wich 22.8.2011
    Zoltar is maybe angry !!!
    So stop his figure share as Igor :-/
  • NeoChomik 22.8.2011
    i doubt so...
    anyway 3 in 1
  • sulegnA 22.8.2011
    damn it, i had to use the direct image link
  • BaalMoloch 22.8.2011
    No need to moan about it, it's done.
  • NathanTo 22.8.2011
    It's been flagged. Who's behind this?
  • firelordA2 22.8.2011
    trolls,flaging assholes

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