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So Im dead ??

anonymous on 17. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

So Im dead ??
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    belive or not. I DIDNT left. Now its official.
    you did a really shitty work as a community lately and because i dont have account i feel free to say it.
    Nice drama you did there... honestly guys how many of you just miss all the comments and thumbs up's of mine they lost with my removed accout?



    B...but... I cant be dead!

    I deleted account, but I didnt left.... What gave you such idea?

    Im gonna wait up the shit you caused here and i will re-create my account no worries.

    double click to write...

    Yours not giving a damn about your opinion

    NeoChomik aka neochomik91

    NeoChomik, Anonymous, Ninja, hiding
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  • Zoltar 17.8.2011
    BTW when you left, NONE of us lost any points, just for you to know ....
  • Zoltar 17.8.2011
    EHEHE I knew it ! BTW you left BEFORE the problems started. And I knew WHY you left, to re-open an NEW account called NEOCHOMIK without the 91 number !
    I knew it all along !!! :)

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