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Dracula stories- Kidnapping page3

begbie on 16. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

Dracula stories- Kidnapping page3
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    Igor is suddenly missing and Count Dracula set him self on a mission to save him.



    Please stop!??

    I am Gakuy Hirata. Let me apologize for kidnapping Igor. I don't want to harm him. I just desperately need your assistance in a urgent matter..

    And you could simply ask. Where are your manners? Nevermind, release Igor immidietly or face terrible death.

    Here he is safe and sound. I was stupid to blackmail you Count. But i still need someone to do this job for me. I will pay any price!

    Thank you Master!! <3

    Its Ok Igor. Go home and do my laundry. Now mr. Hirata lets talk business! Tell me what do you want from me?

    You see couple weeks ago a rival gang has put a price on my head! In a meantime i made peace with my rival, but the price on my head remains because ancient assassin guild won't quit. They have some secret code of honor and they will do the job or die trying!


    In fact they sent the most esteemed member. They call him ghost and he is a deadliest assassin in a world. He is silent, fast, agile and strong. He is almost more then a human and i lost lots of my guys trying to kill him.
    This is why i need some of yours unique talents. Are you in?

    Fine, give me data.

    OK tomorow after sunstet i will do this for you. But you owe me now. And one day i will be here to collect.

    Next evening in front of a building where assasin ghost is hiding..

    How many of you must die before i get Igor back??

    This is one heavily secured building. Gotta move fast!

    To Be Continued

    Dracula, Vampire, Yakuze, Ninja, Assasin
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