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All will be well.

Marle on 11. Aug, 2011 — Lang: No text

All will be well.
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  • asfaltocaldo 2.6.2013
    stihl, for reasons I wrote before this strip means much to me and I'm glad you appreciate my choice :)
  • stihl 1.6.2013
    @ asfaltocaldo:
    interesting chose!
  • asfaltocaldo 28.5.2013
    mastering of manga drawing technique, care for detail, intense character expression - chose this strip as favorite in my SG profile ofr this week - have a nice one Marle and do come back! :)
  • nunexis 31.1.2013
  • QuickRedFox 5.3.2012
    Ok, I get it. You're awesomer.
  • gregheffleydude1 30.12.2011
    Good job!
  • asfaltocaldo 22.12.2011
    this strip drew my attention in my first days in SG, it's become a classic for me - faved!
  • Magique 19.12.2011
    0_o '
  • Pyrasthus 24.9.2011
    awesome work!
  • asfaltocaldo 16.9.2011
    love this style of drawing!
  • Brezhoneg 24.8.2011
    Great !
  • Ericktdg 15.8.2011
    Nice work!
    I don't like of "naruto" but this draw are very cool!

  • guzman6001 14.8.2011
    AMAZING *o*
  • dibunt 14.8.2011
    Amazing... Congratulations on bribed!
  • Tproductions 13.8.2011
    Awesome :D
    favs :D
  • sulegnA 12.8.2011
    don't cry, just remember
  • Drachir 12.8.2011
    Try not to get worried,
    Try not to turn on to
    Problems that upset you, oh.
    Don't you know
    Everything's alright, yes,
    Everything's fine.
    And we want you to sleep well tonight.
    Let the world turn without you tonight.
    If we try, we'll get by,
    So forget all about us tonight
  • bluesockmonkey 12.8.2011
    love the style of this!
  • Ambrosius77 12.8.2011
  • MadameCercle 12.8.2011
    J'aime beaucoup.

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