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'How to shade' - for Tesko & mjeffery

35sheep on 10. Oct, 2007 — Lang: English

'How to shade' - for Tesko & mjeffery
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  • bluesockmonkey 11.7.2011
    so very complicated!
  • DepresiveNeko 7.3.2010
  • 35sheep 12.10.2007
    It is atyka! Blue is the award for being popular! :-)
  • atyka 11.10.2007
    Thanks for the tutorial. Blue is only for alphas, isn't it?
  • tylerdassman 11.10.2007
    Kewl. Thanks!
  • mrstew 10.10.2007
    Very helpful!
  • Spunkn 10.10.2007
    Great idea!!
  • mjeffery 10.10.2007
    Thanks 35sheep!
    I knew you could use the ghost to make the shades, but didn't realise that inverting grey lines could give that effect also.
  • TeskoS 10.10.2007
    Thanks mate! Good to see that some people care and share.


    I'm a little bit ashamed that i have not seen this ghost though it was allways there, right in front of my eyes.
  • Zigmund 10.10.2007
    cool.. mybe you can think of some more tutorials? im sure these would be useful to a bigger awdience!

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