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37,2° Le Matin

opeluna1 on 9. Aug, 2011 — Lang: No text

37,2° Le Matin
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  • gregheffleydude1 23.8.2011
    Great job opeluna1!
  • Maoriman 17.8.2011
    She is a beauty!
  • Skeptik 13.8.2011
  • Veronique 12.8.2011
    @Ope: Es lindo el rostro... Yo he visto la peli, uno de mis momentos favoritos es cuando Betty se echa a correr... y por cierto este episodio al parecer también es el favorito de una de mis bandas preferidas que se llama The 69 eyes (en un pequeño tributo que le hacen a la cinta). Dulces lunas
  • 35sheep 11.8.2011
    Love this one! :)
  • opeluna1 11.8.2011
    @ambro, is the french title of an old movie, click on the link in the description...
  • Ambrosius77 11.8.2011
    What the title means?
  • calm 10.8.2011
    She is truly lovely! :-)
  • Drachir 10.8.2011
    I've just seen a face,
    I can't forget the time or place
    That we'd just met, she's just the girl for me
    And I want all the world to see we've met
    Mmmm mmm mmm mmm

    Had it been another day
    I might have looked the other way
    But I had never been aware
    But as it is I dream of her tonight
    Na na na na na na

    Falling, yes I am falling
    And she keeps calling me back again
  • NonProfitRiot 10.8.2011
  • Varg 10.8.2011
    Very nice eyes, and lovely lips!!
  • cirkuz 10.8.2011
    good design
  • SnakeYukin 10.8.2011
  • rukowski 9.8.2011
    @JR wise words my friend ;)
  • JRMarklin 9.8.2011
    No less is expected of you
    No se espera menos de tí
  • MadameCercle 9.8.2011
  • benjamin895 9.8.2011
    fantastic portrait... you've captured the beauty within:) faved!
  • opeluna1 9.8.2011
    @ruk, I very much appreciate your words, mean so much to me.
    I'm blushed here....;)
  • OccamsRayzor 9.8.2011
    Very nice
  • ratslag 9.8.2011
    nice job

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