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Sad Girl

opeluna1 on 7. Aug, 2011 — Lang: No text

Sad Girl
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  • stihl 11.9.2019
    2 to go
  • MadameCercle 28.2.2018
    Œil en échange.
  • richard_burkhart 28.2.2018
  • craigdragon 29.7.2015
    This strip still hasn't reached OMG? Wow.
  • Elgar 3.7.2014
    Sad or not...she looks awesome :)
  • thecomedyhen 24.6.2014
    Well done, nearly OMG
  • stihl 20.4.2013
    now im sad too ...
  • paco_de_pinda 7.4.2013
    Really amazing. There are little details everywhere! Eventhe pupil is a hearth. Well .. Done!!
  • mohammedjackson 4.1.2013
  • stihl 26.9.2012
  • liza_burhan 4.9.2012
    awww awesomee <3
  • ryoko 25.7.2012
  • sdrawkcabemanym 20.6.2012
    That little reddish tint to the eyes... brilliant
  • Sickem 20.6.2012
    Oh my Lanta! haha i love this
  • Fiolet 19.5.2012
    Love at first sight, when it comes to eyes, trully excist now, because I just fell for this one. What a strip.. I'm always blowen away by the end results. Woah. Well deserved +++ and bribed. (:
  • MJardin 14.4.2012
    I never saw this. Quite beautiful!
  • asfaltocaldo 14.4.2012
    a rare precious jewel - late conga on a well-deserved bribed! faved of course!
  • opeluna1 13.4.2012
    It's been a while since last seen this
    thanks for your comments
    no illustrator, SG is the only tool that I really know how to use and keep learning. I'd love to learn others but have no time
    my first love in life, drawing has its moment now only on SG and eventually with good old pencils, charcoals and stuff....
  • NBSloth 13.4.2012
    beautiful sad eye
  • Magique 10.4.2012
    Congratulations on bribed !
    Well deserved !


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