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...and it burns, burns, burns

Pen_alias on 31. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

...and it burns, burns, burns
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    Oh, you saw that coming, did you? Well then, why didn't you have the fire extinguisher ready?




    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    The audience is loving him tonight. He’s literally on fire!

    How's the show going?

    Not you too! Why do people always say literally when they obviously mean figuratively. If he were literally on fire, he’d be covered in flames!


    Water! Water! Water!

    Oh, well that’s alright then.

    That guy and his nutty gimmicks!

    nothing of importance
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  • 35sheep 31.7.2011
    @noonie: I'm a chokoholic, and an icecreamoholic, and a redwineoholic and a ... well - basically I like food a LOT!!! :-D
  • 35sheep 31.7.2011
    @noonie: almost ALL chokolate is nummy!!!
  • dodgeviper 31.7.2011
    ...the ring of fire
    ps what about belgian?
  • 35sheep 31.7.2011
    @Pen_alias: Like your chocolate tolerant attitude. I'm with you all the way!
  • 35sheep 31.7.2011
    I did - but he was too damned fast ...
  • calm 31.7.2011
    He'll do anything for a laugh! :-)
  • Spunkn 31.7.2011
    I did have the fire extinguisher ready, but I used it to propel myself in a wheeled office chair!
  • ryoko 31.7.2011
    I know what youmean about the misuse of literally... It literally makes my head explode.
  • Pen_alias 31.7.2011
    If it's chocolate, I'll eat it.
  • Pen_alias 31.7.2011
    I never say no to smores.
  • opeluna1 31.7.2011
    yeap and nope, wasn't near...;)

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