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Stripbusters: Summoning

Ambrosius77 on 29. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

Stripbusters: Summoning
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    A: Do You really have to bother my creation process?
    J: Yeah, I do Ambro. I really do.
    The most asked queston from beginners on Stripgenerator:

    How did you do that? How can I upload pictures?

    Well the sort answer You can't.

    If you are like me who is not an artist this can be frustrating. But I am a programer too and exporting-importing data between different systems is a very common task. So I thought on it about a year ago: what is the only possible way to import data from the clibboard into the stripgenerator engine?
    Yes the text.
    You can copy paste text into textboxes. You use it regularly every day.
    But if You want to import pictures, You have to convert the pictures into text first.
    There are several picture to text converter program on the net. The best ones are downloadable though. I experimented a lot of with these converters till I found the best way to do that.

    Unfortunately these method has it's own limits. Most noticeably You can't make sharp pictures with it, because you have to use at least level 12 blur for hiding the horizontal lines and the letters.

    The other hard way is make the portrait from basic shapes as I did on Nielsen-sama. This is not really importing rather an artistic process. You have to chose the important details and found the best shape to implement that in your strip.

    I made that portrait several month ago, after His death, because I really missed him. I've waited so long for summoning him Into the Stripgenerator world... Now he is arrived.

    To tell the truth pictures could be hacked into stripgenerator by modifying the so called POST headers. That consist all sent data from Your computer to the stripgenerator server. If You modify the sent data, you can send your own picture too. But this is against the terms and conditions, and I am not really a good hacker to make it.

    So this myth is CONFIRMED.

    This strip is a reply to Eeeee Beeee, Leslie Nielsen 1926-2010, The Stripbusters - We are back, Strip[Myth]busters - Cloud gazers, Strip[Myth]busters: Textboxes can't be masked, Zen monkey, Las Lágrimas De Cristo, A core of Bunny-fu!, Utilazation of Text (Experiment), việt phụ nữ, TIGER 2
    Ambrosius, Joker
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