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qenene on 28. Jul, 2011 — Lang: Espanol

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  • SnakeYukin 28.7.2011
  • cirkuz 28.7.2011
    it woiks!
  • dawg123 28.7.2011
    Sweet it does work!
  • calm 28.7.2011
    @A77, I didn't see that you'd commented and explained about multiple grouped objects too. Thanks! :-)
  • bluesockmonkey 28.7.2011
    yup, it works!
  • Zoltar 28.7.2011
    AhAHAHAHhaHAhAH!!!!! :)
  • qenene 28.7.2011

    edited by owner

  • wich 28.7.2011
    How ?????
  • calm 28.7.2011
    @Varg, Ah ha! I never considered that using the character strip generator involved grouping. Thanks! Now I get it! :-)
  • Ambrosius77 28.7.2011
    @calm because that's not a basic object but multiple object grouped together.

    And SG programmers are not want making and optimizing the engine to enable masking with grouped objects.
  • Varg 28.7.2011
    calm: because your avatar is a group... You can only mask a grouped element with an element that is not grouped...
  • calm 28.7.2011
    I have a question for you and A77...why can't I mask with MY avatar?
  • opeluna1 28.7.2011
    @ambro, like your comment
  • qenene 28.7.2011
    Being Shizzle is enough ;)
  • Ambrosius77 28.7.2011
    And You do not need to be a GOD for it. :D

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