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205: DLRAAR's Thoughts.. On Heat Waves And Bikes

DLRAAR on 20. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

205: DLRAAR's Thoughts.. On Heat Waves And Bikes
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    DLRAAR's Thoughts... On Heat Waves And Bikes

    I absolutely hate the midwest heat wave that is going on right now. For one thing, the power in my building went out, so now I have to steal wifi from the library. And, now I can't go on my daily 34 mile bike rides, for fear of passing out and dying. I really wish that Rahm Emmanuel would do something about this! Seriously! When he came into office, he promised change. But all he's doing is sitting on his ass trying to "Get the city out of debt" and "Make the city better" and crap like that. FIX THIS GODDAMN HEAT, ROHM! Also, get another power company to power Chicago. My power has gone out 3 thimes in this month! Also, make biking easier in the city! Get people to move out of the way of bikes, because I keep having to run over people who get in my way! Is that Illegal?

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