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Don't look back!

greta_grot on 20. Jul, 2011 — Lang: No text

Don't look back!
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  • Zoltar 25.7.2011
    @Greta AAARRRGGHHHH !!!!
  • greta_grot 25.7.2011
    thats means im already dead! and im behind you!
  • Ambrosius77 25.7.2011
    I've missed this. Faved now.
  • Zoltar 25.7.2011
    death is behind YOU !!!!
  • greta_grot 25.7.2011
    sometimes i dont know why there are contradictory elements such as title vs meaning. maybe its becasue the messages we get growing up of whats safe and comfortable is better than reality. the title is about how we dont want to look at things that are painful so the message we give ourselves is dont look:so its kind of like sarcasm: its hard to understand language with hearing the speakers TONE. but it's about dont look now because if you turn out of your comfort zone you might just find yourself face to face with your greatest fears.and its becasue these things can sneek up on you know are art always has a myriad of meanings to the artist personally. you can always interpret anything the way your mind chooses to percieve it at the time which will always be influenced by your own thoughts and ideas and feelings and experiences. but if you have the ability to percieve things in alternate perspectives then that is a very useful thing.
  • benjamin895 23.7.2011
    i'm a little confused after reading your comment. it's titled don't look back and in your comment you say to face up to your death, which clearly is behind her!!:P

    haha but seriously, this is a fantastic strip full of meaning and we should all take note. great job:)
  • Similau 21.7.2011
    Oh boy! Don't look back, run!
  • greta_grot 21.7.2011
    @Neochomik: hahah thats a good interpretation.and @ Circuz so is yours. But what it's about is, the ghost or skeleton is me in the future,dead and me now. i like to have my meanings of my work a mystery. but this i feel to be a poignant one. it was made to say that we fear ghosts but maybe the one we fear the most is our own, because it would signify our own death. which is as hard to face up to as the death of someone we love .it is important to REALLY face up to the fact that we will die someday but also it is important to not become preoccuppied with this and to focus on living and breathing and to live in the NOW. thats why I made this to be this is a comical piece in a way also . I strongly believe comic is the key to laughter and laughter is the key to liberation from all fears.
  • calm 20.7.2011
    It's the most colorful ghosts I have ever seen. :-)
  • firelordA2 20.7.2011
  • sulegnA 20.7.2011
  • chuloman 20.7.2011
  • cirkuz 20.7.2011
    a ghost haunting another ghost? its never been heard of before! great idea
  • bluesockmonkey 20.7.2011
    interesting design...
  • opeluna1 20.7.2011
    some ghosts never leave us..uh?
    cool strip ;)
  • dibunt 20.7.2011
    A G-G-G-Ghost?! Very nice ^^
  • Azzie13 20.7.2011
    very nice
  • SnakeYukin 20.7.2011
    Come on... just a peak.
  • Varg 20.7.2011
    Great!! I love how you made the shape of their bodies with the "flames"!
  • wich 20.7.2011
    Nice !

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