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Wallow of Self Pity

Pen_alias on 8. Oct, 2007 — Lang: English

Wallow of Self Pity
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  • paco_de_pinda 18.9.2012
    @Pen They went away..? Strange. And even when you didn't need that much thumps up. It's a real effort when you made on of the 3 bribes of the week.
  • Pen_alias 18.9.2012
    It originally had a few more thumbs up. I think a lot of them went away as the result of some update. Plus you didn't need upward of thirty thumbs up to get bribed in those days.
  • paco_de_pinda 18.9.2012
    2 thumbs up when I saw this.. Wait.. The bribe was BEFORE the thumb-up!?? (and the down)
    Congratz on bribed!
  • Pen_alias 9.10.2007
    I’ve never succumbed to bribery once in my entire life; these allegations are completely unfounded.
  • Boojamon 9.10.2007
    haha! Genius!
  • Zigmund 9.10.2007
    great! glad to see some less graphic and more content comics in the bribed!
  • mjeffery 9.10.2007
    Yeah well done on bribed. Is that your first one?
  • Platowe 9.10.2007
    I see the third little pig is left out of the conversation--great one and congrats on Bribed!!
  • Spunkn 9.10.2007
    Congrats on bribed!!
  • 35sheep 8.10.2007
    LOL! => Favourites
  • 35sheep 8.10.2007
    Hæ - nice one!!!
  • Spunkn 8.10.2007
  • mjeffery 8.10.2007
  • mrstew 8.10.2007
    Ha! Great!

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