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SG Wiki... Kinda

SnakeYukin on 18. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

SG Wiki... Kinda
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    So somebody on the forum tried to get a wiki page for us. That one failed and was deleted for being considered advertising. Just prior to that, I started working on the page to edit and make it more professional. That one was deleted as it lacked any importance for why it should be listed.

    By that point, I didn't really care about bothering about it. Then I saw the next day that the guys behind SG had kinda gotten behind it and posted about it on Facebook and Twitter.

    So Noonie told me to try put it up on a place... but isn't quite wiki... it's wikia.

    And there you go, it's now up after about 8 hours of work on it today by me and only me... and I'm tired.

    It's not complete and I welcome anyone out there to add, edit, or try to make it more... cooler (?) for people to read. As I've sure not done anything involving stuff for wiki or wikia before. But if you do read through all of, hopefully you like what's written and maybe learn something if you are a newer user.

    Also, if you see any of your stuff on the wiki and don't want it publicly shown, for whatever reason it be, just let me know.

    Anyways... night night. I gotta sleep. Then go to work in the morning. YEAH!



    So after 8 long hours today and 4 hours yesterday... SG now has a wiki. Granted it's not on wikipedia as they don't think we're important, but it's one none the less. So go check it out and maybe add or edit something.

    Why do we need a wiki?

    I think it involved moose eating squirrel.

    Oh sorry Mr. Fly! I didn't see you on my nose.

    But you don't have a nose. Wait, why do I bother?

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  • syke 7.8.2012
    cho! great!!
  • Brezhoneg 11.8.2011
    Thank you !
  • scorpion6782 23.7.2011
    I'll be sure to throw something in the mix.
  • Similau 18.7.2011
  • Flamingdeath 18.7.2011
    I guess this is one of tose things people have just for the sake of having it.Or so they can just say they have it.
  • markmahem 18.7.2011
    I saw the wiki, and it was cool how now we have a reference to all of the honer titles.
  • Azzie13 18.7.2011
    sleep tight
  • dibunt 18.7.2011
    Very good work Snake! It's perfect! :D
  • DepresiveNeko 18.7.2011
    I do not know whether it goes but he would be content to wiki (at least the main points) lines in the first article?
    You would just click through and you would know where everything is ...

    and yes, great work, tiger!
  • Tproductions 18.7.2011
    Great page snake :D!
  • bartie2 18.7.2011
    i have the time to look it al over
  • calm 18.7.2011
    It is AWESOME!! Thanks so much! :-)
  • Stiltsen 18.7.2011
    Nice one snake, good work!
  • cirkuz 18.7.2011
    great work Snake you are the MAN!
  • bluesockmonkey 18.7.2011
    Don't you be pickin' on Neo!!!

    i love your new SG Wiki--informative, accurate & well-illustrated. A wonderful--and tough--job of work!
  • calm 18.7.2011
    That's fantastic news Snake! I'm off to check it out. :-)
  • opeluna1 18.7.2011
    Thx so much in such big effort, SnakeY, you're a trooper, cool, I'll check it out and make my contribution if needed ;)

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