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WE MISS YOU!!!! (read descript)

Flamingdeath on 17. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

WE MISS YOU!!!! (read descript)
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  • stihl 3.10.2012
  • akrimony 30.8.2012
    Thank you for missing me! I'm back and so are Captain Obvious and Blue series!
  • kennyreid 20.9.2011
    thank you Flammingdeath, its good to know I was missed, and I share your pain seeing so many oldies gone.... I had to come back, because I missed you and all my friends here
  • wich 30.8.2011
    He's back !!
  • chuloman 19.7.2011
  • terwallace 18.7.2011
    Agreed. Been a while since we've seen any of 'em around these parts.
  • calm 18.7.2011
    The SGers you mentioned were before my time. I'll have to creep through their galleries to see what I've missed. :-)
  • dawg123 17.7.2011
    Yes the originals I have missed them!
  • cirkuz 17.7.2011
    good idea
  • Tproductions 17.7.2011
    Agree with snake :)
  • SnakeYukin 17.7.2011
    We do indeed miss them.
  • itscircusboy 17.7.2011
    @JR Don't leave!
  • JRMarklin 17.7.2011
    Yes, Asha too, and many more ... I was about to leave.
    Si, Asha tambien, y muchos más... Yi estuve a punto de irme.
  • rukowski 17.7.2011
    cool ;)
  • bluesockmonkey 17.7.2011
    there are so many whose return would make me rejoice...
  • itscircusboy 17.7.2011
    Very good idea, btw :)
  • Similau 17.7.2011
    Yeah we missed them indeed.
  • itscircusboy 17.7.2011
    Can you strip reply it to Asha please?

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