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Grey Lightning Episode 4: The Setback

DoctorWho on 15. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

Grey Lightning Episode 4: The Setback
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    Well, it's finally here, the newest episode of the critically aclaimed "Grey Lightning"! Yes he's back and he's better than ever, well, except for the fact that he's been captured, but... Anyways sorry for taking so long with this comic. I'm not going to go into the details of why it was, but, let's just say I don't think this strip wanted to be posted for the reason: everytime i tried to finish it, SOMETHING got in my way and I had to start all over again!

    Anyways, it's out now, hope you enjoy it.

    This strip is a reply to Grey Lightning Episode 3: Flashback



    Why does every cliché evil maniac-genius bad guy have to have a giant cliché fan?

    Oh, right... hence the meaning of the word "cliché"

    Although,you do make your share of mistakes, Maxwell

    Another huge room, another example of the huge budget of Mr. Cannon...



    Especially the invisible ones

    Agents who work with you for almost two years, tend to remember where the defence turrets are...

    You should really wipe former agent's memories...


    You know, they haven't changed the place much since I was last here...

    Same hallways, same defence, same empty space with nothing being used... wait a minute...

    Never mind, I have to find the safe with the codes. It should be around here somewh-

    The colors are flipped. The walls were grey and the floor was...


    You are tresspassing on a cliché government facility!


    Shut up! You have the right to remain silent! Anything you do, can and will...

    To Be Continued

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