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Surreal nightmare

greta_grot on 14. Jul, 2011 — Lang: No text

Surreal nightmare
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  • sulegnA 22.7.2011
  • Varg 18.7.2011
    That´s scary... The buzzing flies, you can almost hear them!
  • rukowski 18.7.2011
    @greta very intelligent comment ;)
  • greta_grot 15.7.2011
    I find it's usually easy to get inspiration with other peoples objects. And you just chuck any combination of anything together and then you'll have many stories to make up from looking at those objects together objects and then create a picture to tell that story.
  • calm 14.7.2011
    How come I can't ever think of anything fun to do with my stuff? I love what you did with my flies & wings. :-)
  • bluesockmonkey 14.7.2011
    very nice tribute!
  • SnakeYukin 14.7.2011
    What a nightmare.
  • dodgeviper 14.7.2011
    well flies oke, mosquito's -> nightmare :-)
    hehe, very nice design
  • Azzie13 14.7.2011
    very nice
  • opeluna1 14.7.2011

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