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markmahem on 27. Jun, 2011 — Lang: No text

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    Ok, so at first i was making a coin, but then i started fooling around. Dont ask me what this is.I dont have an answer for ya.

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  • dadebomb123 26.7.2011
    he could be an enermy for a number of strips
  • Azzie13 27.6.2011
    randomnees is great
  • Maoriman 27.6.2011
    Heheehehe I like how randomness can happen from nothing...
  • sprinkles101 27.6.2011
    ?????????? *confused* ??????????
  • markmahem 27.6.2011
  • bluesockmonkey 27.6.2011
    i think it is the time machine seen from the bottom!

    Nothing is ever wasted on SG :))
  • markmahem 27.6.2011
    Thanks for the advice!
  • calm 27.6.2011
    So many of my strips have started as one thing and ended up as an other totally different thing. Did you have fun in the creative process? That's what matters. Have fun...don't worry about us...chances are well like it too. :-)
  • Zoltar 27.6.2011
    The EVil button of evilness !! :P
  • opeluna1 27.6.2011
    cool anyways...

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