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The duel

opeluna1 on 16. Jun, 2011 — Lang: Espanol

The duel
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  • gregheffleydude1 9.8.2011
    Nice cowboys!
  • rukowski 20.6.2011
    Cowboys they killed all the indians and made it safe
  • bartie2 19.6.2011
  • South 17.6.2011
    bang bang :D
  • opeluna1 17.6.2011
    you tell me, @calm...;)
  • calm 17.6.2011
    Only 16 LIKES so far? WHY? Must have been a slow day on SG, Miss O. That's the only explanation I can think of!
  • Drachir 17.6.2011
    Johnny Cool was the king
    The leader of the boot boys
    He'd never cause no trouble
    In a rumble make some noise

    He heard about some chick
    And they she like to rock
    He said "Come here honey"
    "Let me see you lift up your frock"

    There's gonna be a showdown
  • 35sheep 17.6.2011
    *BLAM* Great western strip!!! :-)
  • Netrunner 16.6.2011
    Haha, a good question to ask before starting :)
  • calm 16.6.2011
    Oh, how cute is the confused cowpoke?! The plaid shirt is awesome. Look at the blue western shirt and the sticking running down his brown pants. So much detail here, Miss O! Fabulous and faving! :-)
  • JRMarklin 16.6.2011
    The shirt design is great
    El diseño de la camisa está genial
  • SnakeYukin 16.6.2011
    Quick! Shoot now!
  • ryoko 16.6.2011
    awesome and funny
  • cirkuz 16.6.2011
    extremely well designed
  • Breakbreak2 16.6.2011
  • bluesockmonkey 16.6.2011
    hahahaha--so easy to get confused!
  • Azzie13 16.6.2011
    that is the question always
  • Veronique 16.6.2011
    ah¡ mira que lindo... el paisaje se parece a donde nací ; )
  • Fizzle 16.6.2011

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