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Grand Re-Opening

vierickend on 13. Jun, 2011 — Lang: English

Grand Re-Opening
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    Expand need me to take care of a girl with a never-ending period...Sounds good!

    quin quin...

    Huh?! No! We just need you to clean things up here. The hotel's grand reopening starts in an hour.

    Screw you, guys! I'm gettin' a tan...

    The HELL you are! You're staying here to keep an eye on the janitor...AND his penquin!

    SCREW OFF! I've busted my square rump building this damn hotel for the past year! I deserve some time tanning myself!

    So long, retards! The beach is callin' my name!

    That flame's going to go out at some can't BURN MY ASS ALL THE TIME!

    HEY! I've got those!


    Burnt asses! I sell them in my Ice Cream Truck out back!


    ...know what...I think I need a tan, too...

    MORE FOR ME! May the heroin orgy commence!


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