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Colorful sunset

Varg on 13. Jun, 2011 — Lang: No text

Colorful sunset
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  • Fizzle 14.6.2011
  • dadebomb123 14.6.2011
    very good
  • UncleByBlood 14.6.2011
    The contrast between black water and soft sky is superb! Vote for featured.
  • Varg 14.6.2011
    Thanks everyone!!

    benjamin: heh... thanks!! But I see the black parts as rock, polished smooth by the sea and only the grey parts as water... ;) As for the effect... stretched out white thorns! Almost everything in this strip is made from stretched thorns...

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  • opeluna1 14.6.2011
  • dethijs 14.6.2011
  • benjamin895 14.6.2011
    oh boy, where to start... the water is amazing! i cant imagine how you achieved that effect it's unbelievable... also i love the angle at the top of the water as it leads your eyes towards the sun perfectly:) the sky is a wonder of colour... if only all sunsets looked this amazing:) just one thing though... the reflection of the sun over the water, would love to have seen that extend to the top of the water but i'm just trying to find a flaw in this master class of environmental imagery... well done varg:)
  • OccamsRayzor 14.6.2011
    Beautiful sky colouring
  • This_guy 14.6.2011
    Faved BTW...
  • This_guy 14.6.2011
    Wow... just wow... looks amazing!
  • cirkuz 14.6.2011
    my computer faces east so it looks like a sun riase...
  • mdaukulis 14.6.2011
    Wonderful sky color transition
  • Maoriman 14.6.2011
    Very nice...
  • Cornel 13.6.2011
    WOW! That is one of the best sunsets I've ever seen! :D
  • Varg 13.6.2011
    Thanks calm! That´s really flattering! :)
  • calm 13.6.2011
    I have many of your in scenes in my favorites, but this one will be my favorite of my favorites of yours! It is just stunning! :-)
  • South 13.6.2011
    Varg > Not wrong x)
  • Varg 13.6.2011
    35sheep: "When uninspired, do a sunset!"
  • 35sheep 13.6.2011
    Extremely well-done
  • Netrunner 13.6.2011

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