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Stille nacht ...

35sheep on 12. Jun, 2011 — Lang: No text

Stille nacht ...
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  • nunexis 28.1.2013
  • FishBowler 21.7.2011
    stille nacht is dutch and german for silent night... are you dutch or german???
  • gregheffleydude1 27.6.2011
    I love the moon reflection on the lake.
  • Drachir 17.6.2011
    No fog clear in the moonlight
    The stars shine so bright now's the time
    I close my eyes - soft wind touch my face
    Cool sand upon the place where i once kissed you
    And held you close
    Now i will reach for the stars
    Because oh my love, that's where you are

    Though the storms of black night rage on
    I still see your face
    I still feel your lips on mine
    And though my heart feels all alone without you
    I still hear you sing to me
    I still hear your voice on the sea
  • Azzie13 15.6.2011
    Then is (this time ) the same as german and Dutch
    mein herr.
  • wich 15.6.2011
    Gute nacht mein Freund !!
  • Brezhoneg 15.6.2011
    Great !
  • mestrehelber 15.6.2011
    nice strip sheep! I done one plataform too almost 4 years ago. When SG dont have colors (only black and red) :P, Congrats for the blue effects!!
  • 35sheep 14.6.2011
    @occams: tx, but the oil rig is by Rukowski
  • MadameCercle 14.6.2011
    * * *
  • OccamsRayzor 14.6.2011
    Nice one! I love your cranes, mate.
  • 35sheep 13.6.2011
    @noonie: so this is danablue?
  • 35sheep 13.6.2011
    It's german ...
  • Azzie13 13.6.2011
    @sheep Srry but why a dutch title or is it Danish?
  • 35sheep 13.6.2011
    @azzie: I'm from Denmark
  • sulegnA 13.6.2011
    chida noche
  • Azzie13 13.6.2011
    0_o you speak dutch Sheep I thought you was from Sweden?
  • ourWorld_Online 13.6.2011
  • Fizzle 13.6.2011
    Awesome! But.. Can you speak Dutch?
  • Stiltsen 13.6.2011
    Very nicely put together, faved.

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