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Indian Totem

opeluna1 on 10. Jun, 2011 — Lang: No text

Indian Totem
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  • Magique 11.4.2012
    Congratulations on bribed !
    Well deserved !

  • Magique 11.4.2012
    Faved !!
  • gregheffleydude1 9.8.2011
    Nice totem pole! Faved!

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  • Drachir 15.6.2011
    On the bank of the river
    Stood Running Bear
    Young Indian brave
    On the other side of the river
    Stood his lovely Indian maid
    Little White Dove was her name
    Such a lovely sight to see
    But their tribes fought with each other
    So their love could never be

    Running Bear loved Little White Dove
    With a love big as the sky
    Running Bear loved Little White Dove
    With a love that couldn't die
  • opeluna1 13.6.2011
    thx, @roundhead, your words mean so much to me, I'm really glad you like it!
  • roundhead 13.6.2011
    This is brilliant. I am Canadian, so these sorts of totems are part of our history. Ever since I was little and first saw them in a museum I have always been fascinated by them. Great job!
  • Booe 13.6.2011
  • Neinire 12.6.2011
    wow.. it is magnificent! cg Ope:)
  • opeluna1 12.6.2011
    Can't thank you guys enough.. ;D
  • Stiltsen 12.6.2011
    What did i say? Congratulations!!!
  • wich 12.6.2011
    Sitting Bull grats you :D
  • UncleByBlood 12.6.2011
    And a vote for featured too!
  • calm 12.6.2011
    Yeah! What was wrong with me earlier...I didn't fave it! I guess it was too much excitement studying this awesome piece! Congrats, Miss O! :-)
  • Maoriman 12.6.2011
    What a great piece - congratz...
  • Zoltar 12.6.2011
    CONGA !!
  • opeluna1 11.6.2011
    I'll thank you with this
    love you guys! ;)
  • Ambrosius77 11.6.2011
  • rukowski 11.6.2011
    Gratzie very well deserved ;)
  • JRMarklin 11.6.2011
    Totem poles satisfied several roles, such as to frighten evil spirits
    Los postes de totem cumplían varios roles, como el de espantar malos espíritus
  • Ambrosius77 11.6.2011

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