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The clues part 2

rover14 on 6. Jun, 2011 — Lang: English

The clues part 2
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    You know i was thinking of holding my doughter a suprise birthday party

    it will have juggaling monkeys and lots of elephants

    double click to write...

    i might even get a cloun. Boy would that be a 2nd birthday.

    you stoped listening didnt you?

    Yep way gone.

    i've seen this befor but where?

    Who do you belong to!?

    i know this thing, and this crime... looks like we have a genius on our hands.

    "Take nothing on its looks: take everything on evidence. there's no better rule" Great Expectations by Charls Dickens

    I am going home and going to sleep.

    ya, good night

    Dont think to much about it or you wont get any sleep im sure it will come back to you.

    cops, englesh
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