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Inside SG! June 2011

bluesockmonkey on 4. Jun, 2011 — Lang: English

Inside SG! June 2011
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  • stihl 15.3.2013
    amazing :)
  • paco_de_pinda 7.2.2013
    I personally think we need more of this kind of strips :D
  • paola25 13.4.2012
    i want to read all
  • NathanTo 16.7.2011
    I want to read more!
  • qenene 13.6.2011
    Hahaha :)
  • Booe 13.6.2011
  • Patrickfan9 12.6.2011
  • 21o7 8.6.2011
    ha ha, lmao:) i'm eager to read it from cover to cover:)
  • abrotons 6.6.2011
  • abrotons 6.6.2011
    well, this is impressive
  • camilon 6.6.2011
    Cool idea!!! :)
  • bluesockmonkey 6.6.2011
    @Drachir: ooo we're gonna include a free Drachir CD with every issue!!!!
  • Drachir 6.6.2011
    Well, we're big rock singers
    We got golden fingers
    and we're loved everywhere we go
    (That sounds like us)
    We sing about beauty
    and we sing about truth
    at ten-thousand dollars a show (Right)
    We take all kinds of pills
    that give us all kind of thrills
    but the thrill we'll never know
    Is the thrill that'll getcha
    when you get your picture
    on the cover of the Inside SG
    (Rollin' Stone)
    Wanna see my picture on the cover (SG)
    Wanna buy five copies for my mother (Yes) (SG) Wanna see my smilin' face
    on the cover of the Inside SG
    (That's a very, very good idea)
  • roundhead 6.6.2011
    Hahaha fantastic!
  • warxno7 6.6.2011
    im new and i want to know how you made this
  • Flamingdeath 5.6.2011
    For July issue include something about NEWZ! GrAtZ ON brIbeD!!!
  • Mrnuke 5.6.2011
  • WHITEL 5.6.2011
    wtf sock puppets
  • sprinkles101 5.6.2011
    I like it, thumubs up I like your magizine idea.
  • Netrunner 4.6.2011
    Hahaha, excellent. Fav.

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