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Three abstracts

Varg on 2. Jun, 2011 — Lang: No text

Three abstracts
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  • Drachir 3.6.2011
    It's amazing again
  • stickfigure206 3.6.2011
  • calm 2.6.2011
    I appreciate your answer, Varg. Some of your strips gobsmack me...I didn't know if I would ever come across a "VARG" at an art show. Does your mom sell hers? :-)
  • Netrunner 2.6.2011
    Wonderful, fav.
  • SnakeYukin 2.6.2011
  • Varg 2.6.2011
    Thanks everyone!!

    calm: While I myself am no artist, my mother is, so art has always been a large part of my life... I do draw, but mostly just in the margins of my school notes... I now consider myself to be good at drawing, so it´s no longer a challenge... therefore I prefer making my artworks on SG ... I need to be challenged to find it stimulating...

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  • JRMarklin 2.6.2011
    I like, looks like some kind of science fiction
    Me gustan, parece algún tipo de ciencia ficción
  • cirkuz 2.6.2011
    extremely well done
  • Stiltsen 2.6.2011
    Very awesome stuff!
  • bluesockmonkey 2.6.2011
    i love the glows
  • opeluna1 2.6.2011
    excellent work!
  • calm 2.6.2011
    I love all three. I'm always amazed at what you can create. I don't mean to be noisy, but I'm curious, do you also draw and paint? You are definitely an artist of some kind other than SG, right?
  • South 2.6.2011
    Awesome !

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