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Wherever I go....

Phiman on 1. Jun, 2011 — Lang: English

Wherever I go....
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    Dear Friends,

    I am very sad to say that for now I will have to leave stripgenerator. My strips will still remain on here until I am able to have time to make more but for now my life is too busy with college and finding time to make a strip. I love you all very much and please, do not forget about Phiman. I need to focus on my studies for now and make sure that I am doing my best in the moment. I want you guys to continue rocking on as you always have and that I will be thinking of each and everyone of you as each day passes. Though I will miss the screaming sold out concerts I will still travel the world once in a while to visit various countries and love how we are each individual. Mil besos!!!!!

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  • 35sheep 4.6.2011
    Good luck P-man. Drop by from time to time, or else!!! ;-D
  • Phiman 2.6.2011
    Thanks everybody, I love you guys!
  • SnakeYukin 1.6.2011
    Good luck with what lies ahead.
  • bluesockmonkey 1.6.2011
    Phiman, you are an SG legend--and we always hope to see you! Best of luck with all your hard work, & many good times too!

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