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At The Border

terwallace on 31. May, 2011 — Lang: English

At The Border
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    I've said plenty of times before that there was something bigger going on in the HAH verse, but never really explained much behind it.

    So this strip is really the first glimpse of that. And hopefully it raises a few questions.

    Also, I'm pretty happy with the way that galaxy turned out!



    To our eyes, the Galaxy, indeed the Universe, is a confusing and chaotic place...

    To other eyes it is ordered. perfectly structured, not unlike a clock. Galaxies rotate like gears in a Universal whole. They can accept nothing less.

    At the outer reaches of our solar system, just past Pluto, a brief and bright tear in the fabric of space occurs, heralding the arrival of those who see with such eyes. Those who cannot abide Chaos in any form.

    A probe craft, one of many, searching any and all systems it finds.

    What it looks for is a sign, or a signal. One made up of so many parameters that it is equally possible to mistake or identify it.

    Ignoring the countless waves and data and energy that have traveled from our planet to this point, it searches onwards for anything that matches the data in it's arcane protocols. A signal, or an energy source of a certain magnitude, either would do.

    It finds nothing.

    Without ceremony, it jumps to the next system in it's route, and continues it's search.

    And we are once more to be left alone.

    For now...

    It searches for a system it's creators have seen before.

    But can we truly stay hidden forever?

    Habitat Against Humanity. Order, Chaos, Mclaren Fortune
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  • Fizzle 12.6.2011
  • South 3.6.2011
    Very nice !
  • Horatius 2.6.2011
    Is it just me, or does that ship look familiar? Like something I saw at a concert once.....
  • Maoriman 1.6.2011
    Great backgrounds on this one dude...
  • Ambrosius77 1.6.2011
    Great looking stuff!
  • Flamingdeath 31.5.2011
    The galaxy looks amazing! We will be found out soon.And then.........we have to wait for you're next strip ;D
  • cirkuz 31.5.2011
    stay hidden? who knows...with all the radio and tv waves floating around out there...chances are they'll find us soon enough
  • 35sheep 31.5.2011
    This looks really great - keep'em coming, please! :)
  • Stiltsen 31.5.2011
    Awesome strip and text! Faved.
  • bluesockmonkey 31.5.2011
    everybody HIDE!!!!

    this is soooooo cool--fabulous design, & wonderful text!!

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